A Burberry Boy is similair to a chav but older and more interested in beating people up outside football grounds. They can be recognised by their burberry baseball caps and other items of burberry clothing (usually fake) because "it's calssy, innit". Burberry boys usually come from really rubbish towns like Scunthorpe or Grimsby and follow their local football team around the country bringing shame on themselves and the real fans. They have little of no interest in football but are more interested in when it's going to "go off" (ie a fight starts). Amazingly some of these low lives have wives and kids, aswell as respectable jobs! This doesn't stop them from being scum though. A Burberry Boy's idea of a good night out is downing 15 pints and then "aving a bird".
Burberry Boys are scum!
by Francis Green July 19, 2004
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