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a realy hott girl with green eyes. a girl with georgous hair. a girl with the most beautiful smile ever. a girl with a rockin body. a pale long haired brunett with amazing emerald green eyes. a pale girl with long hair. a realy smart girl. a hyphy brunett with a BUICK. a realy flakey girl that you can alway forgive because she is perfect. a girl who loks like snow white. a girl who loves to gig. a girl who will always makew you smile. a girl who comes around less than christmas but its worth the wait. a girl who you will do anything to get.
"damn that girl is buphy". you got buphyed. that girl is so buphy. look at her go shes buphy. now thats buphy. i want a buphy, i wish i had a buphy. i cant wait until buphy. lets go buphy. i would wait forever for buphy.
by that privilaged thang April 17, 2010
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