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A royal Princess of Kandi. Also know as Princess Bunnyball. Name came about while at a house party, was jumping to close to the turntables and skipping records. A mix between bouncing ball of energy and a bunny. A crazy Kandi Kid from Salt Lake City.
Stop that you damn Bunnyball!
by Bunnyball December 07, 2006

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the act of innocently curling up in such a fashion that your upper legs touch your chest/boobs and you wrap your arms around your shins. once in a bunny ball, a person often appears cuter than they actually are. often used by young children as a technique for falling asleep.

My dog looks so cute when it curls in to a bunny ball
by bunny ball July 17, 2006
A game similar to baseball, except instead of a bat, you use a tennis racket, and instead of a baseball, you use a tennis ball. Same rules as baseball apply. Gloves are not needed.
Yo dawg, lets play bunnyball

Oh snap son iight
by Billy Healey September 16, 2006
the way of describing poo in a nappy
look you have bunnyballs
by randonlyPrime March 13, 2005