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A large white, grey, black. or red 12/15 passenger van driven by bunners. these vans are usually fords or chevy's and are filled with at least ten bunner kids in it. These are usually seen around the town of Battle Ground WA. one place where you are sure to see them is at the intersection of highway 503 and rock creek road. You will see them here on sunday because they are (as the definition of bunner says) hard core members of the Old Apastolic Lutheran Church. There are large congestions of bunner runners at about 10:00 and 12:00 I advise you to not take that road at that time.
Large, white, ford, 15 passenger van driven by bunners and filled with bunner children. these bunner runners are very top heavy and are not made to go at speeds over 60MPH
by tophersaurus July 28, 2011
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