female townie with dyed hair tied back into an impossibly tight bun
just saw two bunheads complete with prams
by Anonymous September 14, 2003
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term for a ballet dancer, either affectionately or used to imply a degree of snobbery.
"my little bunhead" or "that's a little too bunhead-ish"
by mel December 09, 2004
A persistant, long legged beast that uses it's bun to propel itself in and out of places with large crowds. This beast does this in order to attract attention to itself and possibly kill it's enemy. This beast becomes constipated if it does not make weird faces into an Iphone.
That girl is such a Bun Head! I can't stand her.
by Ssauce January 14, 2012
A girl who does ballet and only talks about ballet. Her schedule is filled with dance classes which does not allow her to do any other activity.
"Hey, do you know that girl Sally?"

"Yeah, she's kind of annoying. All she ever talks about it ballet."

"Wow, what a Bunhead."

"Hey Sally, you want to hang out this weekend?"
"I can't, I have dance."
"You're such a Bunhead."

"Yeah... I know."
by Jen00 October 24, 2014
a person or a group of people who smokes bare weed
it can be used as an insult or as a general discription
Graham: "you know that 420 crew?"
Sid: "yeah mate i know em, proper bun heads"


Sid:"that boy Timmy he's a fucking bun head mate, all he ever does is blaze all day all night"
by Jumpman420 May 12, 2007
Derisive term for librarians, particularly old fashioned librarians who actively resist change.
Those bunheads in the reference department don't even consider transliteracy when they're talking to students! They are so stuck in their ways.
by nowherechica December 15, 2010
(n.) An unknown substance that looks like Sherry or dried apricots or minerals or some kind of powdered drug.

(adj.) Used to describe someone who is acting in a high, possessed, or Sherry-like manner.
What is this thing in a sack? It's labeled bunhead. I should steal it.

Stop acting like Sherry! Your such a bunhead!
by Melanie Axelrod May 09, 2008

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