to stuff your balls in someone's ass
I couldn't believe it when Haley said he was going to bunch Tom
by Buttons December 10, 2003
another name for a blow job. Used in/around Eastern Europe. Was derived from a similar Polish word, to suck.
"She gave me a great bunch last night." "What I really need is some nice slow bunch."
by Ukraine Jeff June 07, 2006
adj. Brit. slang. Used to describe excellence, brilliance or greatness.
Synonyms: cool, rad, mega, fab, wicked.
Developed in the Red Lion public house, Waverton Street, Mayfair, London, on 28 September 2005. I'd just finished a GarageJam dance class, for which I'd worn my hair in bunches, and to indicate to my drinking pals (Lucy, Brent and Rita) that the class had been brilliant I punched the mid-air with both fists, as though holding my bunches, saying, "that class was bunches!" By the end of the evening ‘bunches’ had become truncated to ‘bunch’. If something is even more than ‘bunch’, it can be indicated by raising one's hands to punch higher in the air, as though clasping handle-bar bunches (popular in the 1970s); this becomes ‘handle-bar bunch’, truncated to ‘h-b bunch’, and then transposed to ‘hair-bear bunch’, in reminiscence of that ‘bunch’ cartoon (also of the 1970s).
1. If someone bought me a Nebuchadnezzar of Louis Roederer Cristal, that would be so bunch!

2. The GarageJam DVD, in which I appear, will be released soon: bunch!

3. Brent's party is going to be hair-bear bunch!!

4. It was bunch when the Clinical Psychology Review accepted my paper on AD/HD!

by AnjeJBH September 29, 2005
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