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bumsnap, n. A dance move invented in Melbourne Australia in 2012: a bumsnap involves dancing beside a dance partner and kicking a leg up from the knee in a backward flicking motion, so that the foot makes forceful contact with the bum of the dance partner. Often used to fire up a boring dancer when you think the floor needs a bit of firing up.
I bumsnap your boring boogie, biartch! Swikchartch!!!!
by King Fahstardbah April 04, 2012
n. a dance move invented in Melbourne in the 2010s. A bumsnap is executed, while dancing alongside another dancer, by kicking up a leg from the knee only, so that it rotates backwards and the front or side of the foot flies up to make forceful contact with the bum of the other dancer.
Barishnykov can move ok, but he never managed to execute a bumsnap like that ring-stinger.
by King Fahstardba April 08, 2012
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