The result of defecating in sub zero temperatures.
It was so cold when I took a dump outside the tent, that I had to snap off a Bum-cicle!
by Thesatanicmechanic April 02, 2007
Top Definition
A street person, or skell that becomes frozen during the winter.
Mr. V. is going to become a bumcicle if he doesn't get to the Open Door Mission tonight.
by AspiringdeitY May 30, 2005
A homeless person or bum who rejects offers for shelter in arctic condition, freezes and becomes part of a snow bank, but doesn't die due to a combination of drugs & alcohol in his or her system, normally on the side of a road in an urban area.
JW: "Hey AJ, watch out for that bumcicle in the street up there!"

AJ: "Who cares, pass me another beer!"
by Jwco16 October 29, 2011
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