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verb: (to be) to skip school without a valid reason and to be doing something else other than what you are supposed to be doing in school. This is also called truating in Great Britain
father: Peter, I have rotten eggs for you. Your school principal, Principal Skinner, just called and said you were bumble-stumbling at Cavendish Mall.

Peter: What the hell is it Principal Skinner's vegetable soup where i am during school hours, as long I get my homework done on time. And how in the devil's name did he find out anyways that I was at Cavendish Mall.

father: Roflmao. Walls have eyes and ears. Nah, Lol. he told me he used his spy-glass from his days in the US Navy; besides Cavendish Mall is right across the street from your high school, no?
by Sexydimma June 15, 2012