A very fucking stupid person
You forgot the tickets you bumberclut
by dave June 24, 2003
Top Definition
i thought this was of jamaican origin. bumberclut means cloth used on the bum. basically calling someone shit rag.
another word similar to this is blodclut. i can leave it to your imagination what this means!!
by firecracker March 22, 2005
This word is actually derieved from the Jamacian 'clut' (Clot) idiom.
Bumber is slang for gay anal sex - (Bumming) so this is a bloodclot from bumming.
Bumberclut Bush..... Bumberclut Blair... nuff bumbercluts
by wood green January 17, 2007
n. Probably derieved from Punjabi, the world bumberclut is used to describe an idiot. Normally used in a situation when someone says or does something stupid and the user of the word wants to call someone twat features but doesn't want to be so rude.
You stupid bumberclut Canada isn't a real place.
by Slim Jim January 22, 2005
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