When Something is so cheap and hilarious that it is described as bum- tastic. Usually used to describe good for nothings, slobs, and lazy assholes.
guy 1: Did you clean your room and brush your teeth today?
guy 2: No, I have a life you know!
guy 1: Thats bum-tastic!
by NotABum October 20, 2009
Top Definition
His bum was fantastic.
His bum was fantastic. Wait...bumtastic!!
by HerbieFullyLoaded December 15, 2013
The act of someone asking for a dollar during lunch, even though he has money.
Kola: Yo man, hit me up wid dat dollar.

Drew: Kola, you're so BUMTASTIC! GO HOME!
by Mark Jenkins June 22, 2010
just SO good
check out meh new jumpah?
oh what thats bumtastic yo
by roobi October 01, 2003
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