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(n) Toilet paper or toilet tissue.
The worst thing is to get stuck on the toilet with no bum wad.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
1. Architects drafting paper
2. Toilet paper
the damn washroom is always out of bumwad!
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
This is the name given to thin transparent tracing paper used by architects, engineers and others, mostly for sketching and overlaying.
I overlaid the lighting plan with a piece of bumwad and sketched on the lighting fixtures. Then I overlaid this on the ductwork drawing and saw where interferences occurred.
by L.J.Moore June 11, 2008
Toilet paper. Ass wipe. Bumf. Bumfodder. Mountain money.
Oh sweetheart, we're out of bum wad in here. Would you please fetch me a roll?
by Tuna Wanda May 24, 2005
A wad of cum that has been ejaculated into the bum of a sex partner. Usually, but not always, male-male.
Gerald gave Patrick a bumwad in the arse.
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