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As in a bum has to pay 15% percent of his or her income every month in a money order
this bum forgot to pay his bum tax now he'll get deported to the moon
by Cool Daddy o May 16, 2009
the money you have to pay a bum when he buys you liquor or cigarettes (if you're a minor that is). Generally you give them a twenty and let them keep the change, so they get in between 3 and 5 dollars for their services.
A: I've got just enough to buy a bottle!
B: I dont have my fake ID though. Do you have enough to cover the bum tax?
by ur_fav_girl_evr March 26, 2009
Federal & state taxes paid by parents resulting from twenty something children living at home that are severely under or unemployed and not going to college.
Now that their son is out of college, unable to find a job, pay his student loans, the parents get hit with the bum tax as they cannot even claim a tax deduction, yet must pay all the expenses.
by d61008 January 26, 2015
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