A caring term for ones best friend. Often used by Hayleyface and Tristyface.
1.Hello bumface, how are you today?
2.You're a big bumface and I lovesya

by Hayleyface December 19, 2006
Top Definition
bum face;

n. chiefly british slang, derogatory

1. one who has a face that has a similar appearance to the buttocks

2. one who is of such an annoying temperament that they are worthy of being compared to someone with a bum for a face

3. Someone with a bum for a face. And perhaps a face for a bum, although this is uncommon.
"Oh my god, you are such a bum face".

"Good golly, you're talking so much poo right now, one might call you a bum face"
by Tom Bromley January 04, 2004
(verb) the act of doing something incredibly foolish and ridiculous that causes one's own injury, or more likely, death.
Natasha bumfaced down the stairs and died.

Did you see how Steve bumfaced his way down the hill while skiing? Now he's in a coma.
by bodhisattva1 July 04, 2009
One with a bum for a face
Steve is a bumface. His face resembles some kind of bum.
by iamthebest001 July 22, 2005
The best insult in the world, can be used against anyone, in any context.
Mum: Skirt's a bit short honey, you don't want boys getting the wrong idea now do you?

by willowpillow June 11, 2010
One who smells of poo or who bears the shape of a bum on their chin. Can also be used as a term of endearment for smelly or annoying friends.
Loving friend: Hi Catty, how are you on this fine day?

Catty: Oh, hi bumface, not too bad thanks innit!
by davemceldontstop September 17, 2009
One who bears the shape of a bum on their chin. Also a derogitary term to describe a person you don't like
Shit off bumface. You're such a wee fannybaws
by Dave Alfonze October 13, 2003
a term used for people who have receding hair lines on the side of there head or who have a double chin or a bum nose. . when u walk pass them you must do farting noises to stress the fact that they indeed have a bum face
kurt-" hey look at that kid aaron over there"
connor-" does he has a receding hair line??"
2po-"yeh mate... what a bumface!!"
by wogdogconroy October 01, 2009
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