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someone who has propa sressed you out so you say you bum ed
a slang word to call people when you are stressed out
1:hi freak
1:i said hi FREAK
2:shut up you BUM ED
by amyxxxxxxxxxx March 05, 2008

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A shortened version of "Bum Head" commonly used in the north of England as a mild insult for someone who has done something stupid.
You locked yourself out and had to break the window to get in consequently slicing your leg open on the shards of glass? You complete Bum'ed.
by PanfaceDann September 30, 2011
A retarded way of saying bummed. Usually used by closet homosexuals who sound like Kenneth Williams.
"Just found out its Gay Pride in town this weekend, thats me avoiding the place then, dont fancy being bumed and chased down the street."
by ManchesterMAD August 27, 2009