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2 males that enjoy anul sex and repeat this proces as an occasional social interaction

may be used as an insult or a verb.
Cool people: Jesus Steven and Diddy are right bum buddies.

Steven: hey diddy , wanna be bum buddies?
by Dom and matt April 07, 2006
23 13
Gay partner
Jamal has several bum buddies
by andrew February 08, 2003
61 34
A male couple in a homosexual relationship.
There go the bum buddies.
by SomeBozo July 02, 2007
12 4
A pair of men that perform in homosexual acts.
"Look at them two men, what bumbuddies"
by Little Trev July 27, 2008
2 0
Two or more males taking part in gay anal sex and always with each other.
Frank and liam are bum buddies they like to have gay sex and are always with each other.
by charlie8764 April 07, 2011
3 4