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The fields in Failsworth, Manchester, down the street from Cheshire Commons, where something totally fucked up (like getting fucked in the ass hole) is guaranteed to happen, especially if you go there at night.
Bloke #1 - "Hey, r u's cumin to Bum Rape Fields to nyt!"
Bloke #2 - "Fuck no! I don't want to get buggered up the ass hole"
Bloke #1 - "Bloody well right, then!"
by Tommy Cooper August 10, 2007
422 46
A area of fields in Failsworth, Manchester, just behind Lord Lane, where everybody gets fucked in the ass hole.
Go to Bum Rape Fields after dark and you'll get fucked in the ass hole, too.
by Georg Michael August 04, 2007
432 31
A area of fields in failsworth, manchester. just behind Lord Lane.
"hey, r u's cumin to bum rape fields to nyt!"
by !@$£% April 26, 2007
476 79