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1. Any reprehensible or repulsive individual intent on destabilizing the delicate balance of the earth.
2. Any individual who utilizes nonsense as his or her sole method of getting ahead of other people unfairly, and succeeds at it. Normally associated with unfairly degrading the position of a much more diligent individual.
3. Any individual who repeatedly applies the concept of bullshit to get through his or her daily life, and would dismally fail without it.
4. Any highly successful individual who has achieved grandure through charlatan practices.
1. Yasser Arafat, bullshit buccaneer of the century, finally dead!
2. That bullshit buccaneer, he completely faked his speech and the teacher gave him an A.
3. If that bullshit buccaneer wasn't such a suck-up, he'd get an F.
4. The vast majority of successful businesspeople are just bullshit buccaneers who screw people over with a smile on their face.
by Alsir November 25, 2004
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