The arsehole of a male cow (bull) or even the ring inserted through the snout of a bull.
What a view, all I can see from here is a filthy bullring said the farmer as he gave his prize bull an anal internal examination.
by K.Browne December 12, 2006
Top Definition
The biggest Shopping Centre in Europe.

Located in Birmingham
Im gonna go hang with some mates at the Bullring
by Jbx December 06, 2004
the act of getting head whence by pinching your thumb and forefinger around the middle nose region and pulling down viciously causing a gagging reflex.
Guy 1. Yo, what happend last nght dog?
Guy 2. Well my bitch did not want to deepthroat so I gave her a Bull Ring!
by The E-Squad August 28, 2006
The nickname of the Wanderers cricket ground in Johannesberg South Africa. Due to it's atmopshere
KP was booed as he entered into the bullring
by Iain Langmaid October 30, 2006
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