To bug face - to behave freakishly tweaked, usually as a direct result of being incredibly high. May also mean to get very pissed off.

Phrase has not been witnessed anywhere besides New Jersey.
Possibly related to the Jersey term "faced" which means being rediculously high to the almost max. Being high to the max would be "judged" or "slain", or something else to that effect.
I was buggin face bro!

Dude, I threw a snowball at him and he bugged face!
by jewman5000 December 14, 2007
Top Definition
Buggin face:
The period of time that you or some one is either high or intoxicated
Dude i'm so buggin face, we almost finished 2 kegs. Dude are you buggin face, you can't be doing that before school
by B-Rec November 26, 2007
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