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general insult, most effective against cowards just when the bar's are closing and you want to stir the pot a little.
drunken instigator: yeah that's it, just walk on bug nuts, crawl away into your ford fiesta!!
by Andy Cameron April 23, 2004

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bi-polar buggy bug-nuts crazy insane
Slang meaning crazy or insane, especially when the person is acting as if he (or she) is bi-polar.
She went just bug nuts on me!
by Diane B August 30, 2007
Crazy, insane, flipped out
Did you see what happened when dave insulted his mother?

He went Bugnut.
by CA March 20, 2004
lame, loserish, unimportant

'god, kianna your sucha bugnuts!'
by ewwkayweezyy May 23, 2009