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general insult, most effective against cowards just when the bar's are closing and you want to stir the pot a little.
drunken instigator: yeah that's it, just walk on bug nuts, crawl away into your ford fiesta!!
by Andy Cameron April 23, 2004
5 24

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bi-polar buggy bug-nuts crazy insane
Slang meaning crazy or insane, especially when the person is acting as if he (or she) is bi-polar.
She went just bug nuts on me!
by Diane B August 30, 2007
18 6
Crazy, insane, flipped out
Did you see what happened when dave insulted his mother?

He went Bugnut.
by CA March 20, 2004
11 4
lame, loserish, unimportant

'god, kianna your sucha bugnuts!'
by ewwkayweezyy May 23, 2009
1 4