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if you seee a girl/boy who you think is fit you say...
it is used to expresss a feeling of "she is a hottttie"
boy: that galdem is a buff ting
friend of boy: yea she is bare buff ting a ring a ding ding!
by audss July 28, 2006
Can also be male ya know!!!!
When girls like the look of a guy they say mmm, bufftings.
by Trubble August 25, 2006
English word, South East, meaning hot, fit or pretty
"that gal is buff-ting"
by danytheman September 13, 2007
When two or more fit women are near you they are refered to as bufftings. Buff + things= Bufftings - obviously.
Look at dem bufftings standing on that street corner! Lets get a closer look!
by relentle$$ May 08, 2003
the word buffting means beautiful thing buff (beautiful) ting (ting)
that girl is buffting
by xX-indiegirl-Xx May 14, 2010
English youth slang for someone who is rather attractive
shanice: ooooh. that boyz a buffting ya know
deborah:yes. he is rather good looking
by mallert April 13, 2008
Buff-Ting is a guy who is very fit, goodlooking, hot, fuckable and gorgous all in one.
claire look at him....he is Buff-Ting
by lou_la_belle December 06, 2004