Bigger than a buffalo, uglier than a gorilla AND a big, sloppy old ghetto booty
That old buffarillo looks like she's got two monkeys in a bag fighting
by oldensober September 01, 2006
Top Definition
A girl viewed as bigger than a buffalo and uglier than a gorrila.

History of the origin is unknown!
She's a buffarillo
by Mark L. May 10, 2004
A human female distinctly different from their relatives the Cow and Horse, a Buffarillo is distinctive in it's androgen enhanced upper body and slim to non-existent lower body. Often the lower body is large but in no case larger than the upper. Ugly is always a Buffarillo trademark.

Normally, Buffarillos graze alone or with Cows and Horses. However, it is not a total oddity to see 2 or 3 together.
The Herd at the next table had 2 Horses, 2 Cows and a Buffarillo.
by uga81 April 20, 2009
A breed of beast that has the face of a gorilla and the body of a buffalo. They travel in packs in the San Angelo, Texas area. On a Friday or Saturday night you can usually find them getting impregnated on the dance floor of Grahams. They are a vicious and repulsive animal. Stay far far away.
Any good looking girls there?

No, nothing but buffarillos.
by Something else. January 24, 2010
Originally heard in military units at Fort Ord in 1978. These units were historically named "Buffalo Cav" based in the old west and primarily made of black only troops.
Modern day Cav troopers kept several young ladies of large size and less than attractive demeanor around the barracks in the evenings to "relieve the boredom" and referred to them as "Buffarillos".
"Hey, go down to the dayroom and bring one of the Buffarillos up to our room."

"Did you see the Buffarillo Trooper Smith was with last night?"

"Yeah, she was definately a Buffarillo!"
by ChopperRider April 27, 2009
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