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Bigger than a buffalo and uglier than a gorilla.
Hey man, I heard you married to a buffarella.
by mr_ralphjr October 13, 2003
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A profoundly ugly woman.
"You're a female misogynist because you're a buffarilla."
by Boogercat August 14, 2014
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The act of offing your spouse or companion to secure their insurance money for crap you couldnt afford while they were alive. You must make it look legit though by cyber bawling, and not attending the funeral service because you are too poor.
Yea, so I hear after she Buffarrilla'd her husband she used his insurance money to get a gym membership and become a famous ass kisser on myspace!

So is it true that she was out buying lakefront property after she Buffarilla'd the old geezer?

I've been thinking about Buffarillaing the old bitch, but she's not caught up with her life insurance payments.
by Inspector McNeilly June 11, 2010
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