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The best darn buffalo in the world
Mr.Buffalump, come here and have a huggle you big old buffalo!?
by Mellington August 23, 2006
The lump of fat on the back of a large woman's neck.
"Kerri was squirming around a lot but when I sunk my teeth into her buffalump she just sighed and went along with it."

That chick had a buffalump that looked like a pack of hot dogs!

Dr.Oz became famous because he reduced Oprah's buffalump.
by squatnplop October 05, 2011
The hump on the back of a buffalo.
The buffalump on the back of a full-grown male bison can be as much as 1/5 its height.
by Krakky McKraken October 09, 2005
The place between when you are no longer lumpy, but not yet completely buff.
I felt like such a buffalump in my aerobics class today!
by Tamarochka September 12, 2011