The hump on the back of a buffalo.
The buffalump on the back of a full-grown male bison can be as much as 1/5 its height.
by Krakky McKraken October 09, 2005
Top Definition
The lump of fat on the back of a large woman's neck.
"Kerri was squirming around a lot but when I sunk my teeth into her buffalump she just sighed and went along with it."

That chick had a buffalump that looked like a pack of hot dogs!

Dr.Oz became famous because he reduced Oprah's buffalump.
by squatnplop October 05, 2011
The place between when you are no longer lumpy, but not yet completely buff.
I felt like such a buffalump in my aerobics class today!
by Tamarochka September 12, 2011
The best darn buffalo in the world
Mr.Buffalump, come here and have a huggle you big old buffalo!?
by Mellington August 23, 2006
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