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best friend
hey, buddy man how are you doing?
by famouse guy February 26, 2009
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Origininating in New Westminster,British Columbia, Canada, by the west side pimps, Buddyman is a fused version of the words buddy or man, to make a super cool chill slang word, that is used to obtain a buddy's or a man's or a buddyman's attention, depending on your level of friendship with this alleged "buddyman"
Tooldallah:Did you fuck my mom?
Ben: Buddyman..like fucken...uhhh, hella
Tooldallah: BUDDYMAN!!! like what the fucken..... uhhhhhh hell were you thinking

2)Alyssa: Buddyman i got hella cleppage
Conner: Buddyman, after i'm done making this meatloaf sandwhich i'll open your meat curtians..fucken..tasty
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