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That stage of a relationship which comes right before the “friends with privileges” stage. This stage generally lasts for 60 days or less, when finally the right opportunity or occasion allows for a heightening of the buddy-buddy stage.

The buddy-buddy stage is an art form of innuendos, temptation avoidance, and tap dancing around the 600 lb. pink elephant in the room. Either party (usually both) in this stage realize that there is an incredible amount of heat exhibited by the other and eventually they move into the “friends with privileges” stage. (This is the incredibly fun stage that includes the Osceola Bronco, the GA all nighter, and the OMG…I cannot believe your motor skills are THAT good! Is that patented?)
Friend #1: Are you and Notorious G buddy buddy?

Cheerleader: We are in that mode, but I am extremely hopeful that he will give me the chance of becoming more of a friend...with privileges!!!!!!!!

by M.J. & M.E. October 13, 2006
adj: describes two or more gay people.
Look at John and Billy, they're all buddy-buddy all the time.
by kooshball January 03, 2004
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