the process of consuming enough vodka and redbull to kill a small horse
i was so fucked up last night i was between blacking out and bucknasty
by smitty62686 December 07, 2008
Top Definition
A character from The Playa Hata's Ball or The Playa Hatin' time travelers. One whose hatin is only good enough to be secondary to Silky Johnson.
Silky: Excuse me why I go put some water in Buck Nasty's momma's dish.

Ice T: Buck Nasty is nominated for getting his best friend's girlfriend pregnant, then tricking his best friend into raising the little motherfucker.

Buck Nasty: Man, you should take that cane, and beat whoever made that suit to death.
by Rich F. December 05, 2006
The act of being straight nasty or durty(not like unclean dirty)
Shawty was up in da party wit two strings and some pennies on, suckin on every dick. Dat bitch is bucknasty.
by Marco "AmP" Restrepo June 19, 2006
a playa hata from the playa hatas ball on the dave chappelle show who is a fuckin retard and says the funniest shit
1.)nigger/ nigga

"Bucknasty, what can i say about that suit that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan.. It looks bombed-out and depleted.." -Silky Johnson
by TURNER November 15, 2004
Getting mad crunked when you drink.
Yo son, we be gettin' buck nasty tonight!
by anonymous April 12, 2005
No exact meaning. Just a slang word people can use in any way.
cool, trippen, slang, unreal, hella
Dude that shirt your wearing is hella Buck Nasty!!
by smallsdjlfjf June 02, 2010
A girl that is so ugly that you would not pay a buck to get with her nasty ass
Man that girl you hooked up with last night was buck nasty
by tbiggs December 05, 2007
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