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The term used in polite company when referring to fuck buddies
'My buck fuddy came over last night'
'What did you do?'
'He came over...'
by Vivica69 May 05, 2005
48 6
"fuck buddies" spelled incorrectly. If you say 'buck fuddies' there is no way you can get in trouble. Half the time, your friends wont realize that you said it wrong.
1: No were not going out.... were just like....
2: Buck fuddies?
1: Yeah....... wait what?
by suicide_cures_cancer September 17, 2006
27 11
Spoonerism for "fuckbuddy" - obvious, but mildly less obscene or offending.
A: Have you met that guy before?
B: Yes, actually he's an old buckfuddy ...
by BondageTop July 27, 2009
2 3
friends who like to get jiggy with it.
that be my baby's mama yo, but she ain't my girlfriend. we be buckfuddies.
by damni'mgood September 13, 2009
0 2
Your trusty little dyslexic (and easy) friend.
Dyslexic #1: "Can you smell gas?"

Dyslexic #2: "No, I can't even smell my own name! By the way, fancy a fcuk?"

Dyslexic #1: "You're my favourite buck fuddy"
by ybanrab April 25, 2006
11 20