Noun. An unparalleled pimp; a sex god.
"Who's your DADDY?!"
"Oh, Buck Nutty!!"
"Damn right, bitch!"
by MagnoliaFan March 28, 2003
Top Definition
to act wild or crazy in a given situation, as only a buck nutty (noun) can.
"So, what'd you do last night?"
"Oh, I got buck nutty on that bitch again."
by Method007 March 28, 2003
1. When a niggas just gotta get his nut
I saw that big booty hoe and went buck nutty
#buck #nutty #nigga #nut #tip #drill
by andre300000 February 08, 2009
That guy was bucknutty.
by seth July 16, 2003
Technically this means you have an itchy trigger finger.
Brandishing his nine at the slow moving bankteller Dezone shouted, "I'm bout ta get bucknutty up in here!"
#gun #gat #murder #buck #pock
by D123431 September 20, 2007
To go crazy wild and unfathomably insane!
(this includes but is not limited to a sexual frenzy)

A spawn of drunktardiness, legend says this word was originally created by a drunktard, and widely adopted since then.
Brandon: Aaaaaahahaahaaa... *stumbles* Man you are CRAZY! You are going fucking BUCKNUTTY!! You know what I mean when I say bucknutty, doncha?
Lane: Nope, I really have no clue.
Brandon: Like those COWBOYS, buckin their broncos and BUSTIN THEIR NUTTYS!!! AaAaaahahahhaaaa!!!


Dave: Holy shit dude, that goth girl from math class is a FREAK in bed. I went totally bucknutty with her. I didn't know I had it in me!!
Kevin: Let me take your picture and frame it.
#bucknutty #drunk #drunktard #crazy #wild #insane #freak #cowboy #broncos #nuts #buck
by BioMenace October 26, 2006
The guy that tried to beat up my friends over some stupid fucking paintball hitting his car.
That guy was bucknutty, he looked like he would have killed us.
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
to fuck up.
fred got bucknutty when he lost control of the car.
by josh corn July 14, 2003
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