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massive, mean looking nigger usually associated with prison rape.
Characteristics: blood-shot eyes, large frame, strong, if in prison has a nickname of "Tank", pushed in nose, blue gums, ashy, not very smart.
Man Cody, you a buck nigger cause you like to over power smaler guys for ass sex.
by Oswaldo Sanchez December 29, 2004
A large male nigger who is a product of selective breeding that emphasized the ability to do hard labor while sacrificing intelligence or anything else for that matter.
That buck nigger cant form a sentence but he can lift a piano over his head.
by jahhbone March 27, 2007
A giant designated hitter for the Red Sox who can't hit the fucking ball. Also known as a Big Papi.
I got $5 says that buck Nigger David Ortiz strikes out again!
by Skifastchef April 14, 2010
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