when the pitcher cums in his partner's ass, and then the receiver farts out the cum, producing bubbles. could be a prelude to shrimpin'
Lee came in Jim's ass and then Jim turned around and farted on Lee giving him a bubble bath
by Afro Wookie March 24, 2007
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Cockney rhyming slang for 'Having a laugh'
Usually shortened to "Ave'n a bubble!"
eq. Whats he think he's doin'? He's ave'in a bubble!
by Secret666 July 20, 2005
Occurs when someone farts in the pool. In some instances, when the air bubbles reach the surface of the water and pop you can actually smell the gas that slipped out the person's ass. It an be very disturbing, especially if it smells really bad.
Little Leroy treated all the swimmers at the city pool to a bubble bath.
by slicksal October 31, 2006
Occurs when between sexual partners after the man comes inside and does not thrust or pull out.
I took a bubble bath in this girl last night. She didn't make me pull out
by tfan527 July 15, 2011
A sarcastic phrase used in the form of "you must be having a bubblebath" to imply disbelief or mocking rejection of a suggestion. Effectively means "you must be joking". Elaborations include "having a bubblebath with ......" and "having several bubblebaths and a ......". Also can be shortened to simply "bubble" although this gives less insight into the sexually disturbed mind of the individual using the phrase. "You must be having a bubble froth" would work just as well.
Hobbit #1; "let's go shave our feet"
Hobbit #2; "you must be having a bubblebath"
by The L Team April 03, 2007
In the surf, Where all the waves break one after another, giving you about 2secs to take a breath before getting smashed by the next one, breaking on your face and making you wonder where the surface is...
I got stuck in the bubble bath for ages.
by caese June 17, 2010
A term for one woman to another to lead into nude relations and threesomes or foursomes. A word to break the ice between two women where one woman asks the other if she likes Bubble Baths. All women love Bubble Baths and when the other woman agrees, the predator woman will ask for the woman or the couple to come over to the house to take a bubble bath. Instigating a sexual tone that allows the broachment of threesomes or couple sex in the same room or even couple swapping for sexual fulfillment
Wife to a single lady, "Do you like Bubble Baths?"

Single Lady, "Yes I do."

Wife, "Then you ought to come over to our house. We have a big bathtub."

Single Lady, "That sounds great."

The Husband smiles.
by Heneverdies April 28, 2010

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