A drunk, especially one who's fallen on hard times. A wino or junkie.
That bubber sleeping in the alley spent his rent money getting drunk every night for a month.
by Erin Montgomery May 01, 2010
Top Definition
A description for a cute creature (like a pet)
"Aw look at that cute bubbers!"
by Dessieq October 29, 2015
To Correct One's Mispronuciation(Or Something like That)Of A Word.
"...according to the Genova Convention"

by Niggler....Bubber March 25, 2003
A giant burrito, accompined by a side of malicious butterfly blades
OH! i would love to have bubber in my mouth
by philip brosman January 14, 2005
The Coolest person on the weezer message boards
"Wow Bubber is so funny! I would die to meet him"

"Hey bubber! Teach me your ways of coolness and awesomeness!"
by philip brosman October 20, 2004
Not a stallion.
You are my bubbers.
by bubbers August 11, 2003
A man whore who gets love from all genders without regard to weight, age, or disease.
Guy 1:Hey man i just fucked this fat girl and her brother.
Guy 2: DUDE!!!!! your such a bubbers
by Back Office June 22, 2008
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