Edible enjoyables prevalent in Texas and other southern U.S. states that are deep fried, barbequed, smothered in gravy, soaked in lard, slathered with animal by-products, and otherwise lack any hint of gourmet or cultural/ethnic ingredients. Primary nutrition of the redneck. Examples include the following 4 southern food groups: deep fried twinkies, bacon, pork rinds, and Spam.
Jim Bob and Bettie Lou hit the local all-you-can-eat buffet for their nightly fix of bubba grub.

Bubba grub is to the South what tofu is to Northern California.

The popularity of liposuction in Texas is undoubtedly related to the compulsive consumption of bubba grub.
by hottapantsa May 08, 2006
Top Definition
1. A term used to call a friend who is overweight.

2. A term used to call a friend. An alternative to homie, homeslice.
Person 1: "Yo bubbagrub! Whatcha sayin' ?"
by WordOfTheDayYO January 22, 2011
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