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"Bisexual Foursome"
Four friends who often go out together on random day trips together.
Hey, you guys want to come out on a BSF day out soon?
by loz333 March 20, 2008
31 25
"Bull Shit Foursome"
Four friends who often go out together on random crazy adventures and day trips.
Let's go out BSFing this weekend!
by Cindy5 January 24, 2009
51 29
BSF - Best Skype Friend

When you have a best friend, who is on skype.

This could change if you have a better friend on Facebook or MSN

BSF is only related to Skype
Ryan is my BSF. I enjoy sending him poems.

Ben is not a good BSF he talks to other people on skype more than me.

Ben - Hey will you be my BSF?

Travis - No how could you say that? I already have one!
by TheRealWord January 13, 2011
25 8
Someone who is a BOOB STARING FREAK. Usually straight guys.
"oh my gosh that chick has got a nice rack!"
by CoolerThanYou32197392183 January 23, 2009
44 37
Best sister/friends
When two best friends are so close that they consider themselves as sisters !
- Pauline and Catherine are really close!
- Yeah! They're BSF s :)
by foreveryounnng May 12, 2012
3 1
Butt-Sex Friday, a time-honored tradition started originally as a joke in the CU that has grown into a near ritual. Simply put, Fridays are set aside for buttsex, feigned or real, and anal activity is less frowned upon.
Cam and Udara had mad BSF last week-Zhe
by Fbook Masta August 12, 2006
9 18
How low do you hang?
Ball Sag Factor
How's the BSF today?
by FactRzerO August 01, 2003
19 28