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A statement that is far from the truth is called a bruth.
If Mr Bharath Ramesh claims that he has driven his Sonata from Kashmir, India to Kanyakumari, India without a valid Driving Licence, it is called a BRUTH.

If Mr Bharath Ramesh claims that his uncle has a 2 seater private jet, with a private airstrip in his backyard, it is called a BRUTH.
by TaintedBlue September 15, 2009
Another word for saying bro at the end of a word. It usually ends up sounding in a deep tone.
Example one:
Person 1: Do you think Jared is gay?
Person 2: Yes bruth!

Example 2:
Greeting someone:
"Sup Bruth?!"!
by HectaBruth September 10, 2008
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