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witch -- something an Italian mother would refer to her sons girl
Vinnie, are you still dating that bruha
by the don February 08, 2005
A social gathering, party, or event of some sort that a person can't miss. Typically involving music or alcohol, ideally both.
That Brüha last at The Manor was one of the best I've been to all year.
by TheRealKris October 23, 2015
a code name for beers uused primarily by teenagers, since it is not know by most adults.
"wanna throw back a few bruhas tonight?"

by Peg Leg Pete October 15, 2007
Any individual who is an asshole for no good reason. Literally, a person with a "Bug Right Up His (or Her) Ass."
He must have a major bruha!
by Thantos_Eleison August 05, 2011
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