Points scored and acquired, from partners, for the use of that one instance they can't deny anal sex.
"My girl says when I get 10 Brown-eye points, I get a free pass to that ass. I scored 2 last night by paying attention when she was blabbering to her friends."

Friend: "Damn"
by vanimal00000 June 21, 2012
Top Definition
gratuitous points accumulated through favors and nice deeds that greatly increase the chances of one's opportunity to perform anal sex.
I totally scored some browneye points with my gf when I bought her some stuffed animals... I'll be cashing those in soon.
by gore grind May 18, 2010
Bastardization of the term 'Brownie points'.

The term refers to how close a man is to being allowed anal sex by his partner. Brown-eye points being earned by good deeds and therefore having more of them means the likelyhood of being allowed the sexual act is greater.
Guy 1: My wife still won't let me try anal.

Guy 2: Obviously you haven't earned enough brown-eye points yet.
by tbelphegor November 03, 2011
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