A rather obnoxious fart, trapped in a room and lingering.
"Aw man, gonnae open a window? Ah cannea even SEE through your fuckin' brown cloud never mind breath in it!"
by Unwept, The Lone Magpie December 14, 2005
Top Definition
fart, buttgas, flatulence, methane melody, ripper, poof, asstune
Fooligan left one nervous stenchlike browncloud that could curl nostril hairs as he hurried to answer his benefactors command.
by Diogio Rome January 17, 2008
verb: to poop and or defacate into a newly washed and clean smelling pillow case. The unsuspecting victim will spend hours upon the pillow before the smell becomes overwhelming.

"its time to win"
Rhonda is pumped on having her pillow cleaned after her sexual intercourse with her cousin Demetri. The day after her cousin Demetri decides he will get her back for her lacking actions in bed by giving Rhonda a brown cloud. She spends the next full night with her face down in the brown cloud.
by thegurtmeister2 April 26, 2010
When a child or adult has diarrhea or a liquid shit in a pool. Names a brown cloud because the shit disperses in the water like a blood. Lifeguards commonly associate them with an AFR (accidental fecal release).
Lifeguard 1: we need to clear the pool.
Lifeguard 2: what why?
Lifeguard 1:we had another AFR. It was. Brown cloud.

Lifeguard 2:damn it children.
by LifeguardDudeOnDuty November 30, 2015
Brown Cloud: Truely, a fart is a release of tiny poo particals into the air. Magnified, the particals create a, "brown cloud". So the next time you walk into a fart, remember to keep your mouth closed- otherwise you are injesting poo particals AKA brown cloud.
Next time you fart in a crowd, look around at those who are injesting last nights dinner, and celebrate silently.

"Hey dude, I just farted and everyone around me is standing in my brown cloud."

"My brown cloud has taste of last night's fried chicken!"
by swaggette November 29, 2009
The Brown Cloud, or Brown Clouding is the act of firmly placing a soiled infant diaper into a female partner's face, while having sexual intercourse from a doggystyle position.

The Brown Cloud is an advanced sexual maneuver requiring one male, one female, a doggystyle position, a soiled baby diaper (must be #2), and one firm swing arm.

One must maintain a firm grip on his partner while plunging almost epileptically, grab the soiled baby diaper with a cupped hand, and firmly smash the poo side of the diaper into his partners face (as one might do with a pie).

You achieve extra cool points if some of the #2 enters the mouth or nostrils of the female. Also, it is considered incorrect if you stop thrusting at any point during this process.

It is perfectly ok to state after the event has taken place that you have officially "Brown Clouded a Bitch."
B-On: "Hey, lets fuck"
Dre-A: "Ok"
B-On: "Bend over"
Dre-A: "Ok"
***doggystyle slapping sounds***
***epileptic seizure plunging***
B-On: "Yup, that's doo doo on your face"
Dre-A: *garbled sounds*
B-On: "Did you cum before I brown clouded you bitch?"
by B-On July 07, 2009
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