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Kissing someones ass
"John was brown nosing David earlier!!"
"Yeah, John kisses everybody's ass!"
by Enda McMahon April 16, 2006
dick riding, suckin up to your manager at work, got ur head up thier ass. named as it is because if u have ur head up their ass, ur nose will be brown because of the poo from the bum
that stupid twat is brownnosing! stupid brownnosing twat!
by Paul J September 29, 2003
Sticking one's nose up another's anus for pleasure.
Bob: Why is there poop on his nose?
John: He must have just gotten done brown nosing.
by bob349584-58 November 23, 2013
when a penis of a man is in the anus of a woman he/she's dog sticks its nose up the anus of the man.
My chicks dog kept brown nosing
by will Harrington and Harrington December 27, 2008
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