The part of one's personality or identity that is culturally derived from their homeland (typically the Middle East or India). Usually spoken by those in America whose family came from these countries when they are engaging in activities that are relevant to their familial homeland's culture
I went back to India this summer to get in touch with my brown side.

I represent my brown side when I play cricket.
by R Gasol February 26, 2013
Top Definition
A slang term for anal sex (used by Bruno on Ali G).
You mean you've never taken a walk on the brown side?
by Carter N May 02, 2006
the Varrio where the BrownSide Lokotes creep. Main section (145th,Lawndale) of the BrownSide contains many viscious scenarios. Such as drug trafficing, brutel beat downs to any enemies, constant smoke out sections and many down ass youngsters puttin in work.
Is that foo from the BrownSide? O shit run nigga run!!!!!!
by Ese Loko April 13, 2008
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