when you fart in your hand, suck the fart into your mouth, and blow it into someones face. preferably an enemy. see dawn
i gave dawn a brown hornet yesterday. too bad it wasn't a wet fart.
by dawnhata\' October 20, 2003
Top Definition
a semi-popular alcoholic beverege in the Gary-South Chicago area. It consists of one part white wine (Carlo Rossi), and two parts of brown liquor (E&J or Ezra Brooks bourbon)
We got popped of some brown hornet last week
by gravity5 March 05, 2006
To OD on heroin.
oh shit, she's dead. she got bitten by the brown hornet
by dnpr December 05, 2010
To poke your index finger in someone's buttcrack. This can be done with or without clothes and with or without a "buzzing" sound effect.
He was going up the stairs and knew he shouldn't have gone first because he felt his friend sting him with the brown hornet.
by ValDawg July 21, 2006
A guy who only works out his chest and arms. Characterized by the 1970's cartoon character in which his upper body is un-proportionally larger than his lower body. Even though the cartoon character is a black guy, "brown hornet" can be used to describe a person of any ethnicity.
My arms are bigger than yours. So you're still a brown hornet.

I don't do legs...I can tell brown hornet.
by tone bone January 21, 2007

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