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A love for Indian men/women
Girl 1: Hey, who's that cute Indian she's with?
Girl 2: The third one she's been dating since she caught brown fever
by What would Brown do for you? April 27, 2009
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An adjective to describe someone who has a particular fascination or attraction to Hispanic or Latin people of the opposite sex. They don't actually have to be from a foreign country, they just have to look like they are. They just have to have brown skin.
My friend: Emily, you really like 'brown' men. You prefer to date Mexicans and Latin guys. You learned Spanish and salsa dance.
Me: So?
My friend: You have 'brown fever'.
Me: I know. Deal with it.
by etuck01 August 14, 2006
Any disease that causes diarrhea; especially those leading to death.
Nigel:I say, Basil, I think I ate some bad shrimp yester-eve.
Basil: Have you been defecating often this day?
Nigel: Indeed I have, my dear fellow.
Basil: I must say that sounds like you have the brown fever, chap.
by Sir Poops-a-Lot December 29, 2005

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