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The act of maintaining a bro-like persona via the intake of sunlight.* This can be witnessed on Beaches and college campuses across the United states. (note: also possible around fires, at Dave Matthews concerts, etc.) Specifically occurs with men ages 18-24, "chill" (see chill) outside in small groups, or "crews". (note: sunglasses, vintage tees, sandals, and Abercrombie and Fitch paraphenalia are key indicators of brotosynthesis.) Common, less scientific, synonyms include but are not limited to the following: chillin', hangin, livin' the dream.
verb: brotosynthesize

*Recent studies indicate that the intake of cheap beer may aid in this process; it has not yet been confirmed.
1. "Dude work has sucked lately"

"Yeah fuck my job, too. This weekend we need some brotosynthesis."

2."Hey Gail, why doesn't Matthew Mcconaghey ever wear a shirt?"
"Well, Susan, because he's engaging in brotosynthesis"

3. "Yo break out the natty and meet me at the shore, we're gonna brotosynthesize."
by ItsKenbro June 05, 2009
The act of an individual absorbing collective group bro energy and converting it into individual energy. As a result of this process, the bro becomes turnt up. See "turnt up".
Ryan was arrested tonight at Fremont brewery as a direct result of Brotosynthesis.
by averybadeinstein April 28, 2016
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