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College dormitory, urban townhouse or apartment inhabited by two or more male roommates, esp. in Chico, California.
It's not a hotel or a brothel, but a brotel.
by MacNeal December 27, 2006
Residence of multiple bros, especially in Allston MA.
"We're going to the brotel to drink mad beers, son."
by bro ho. February 11, 2008
A place in which many "bros" congregate for sexual activities.
Let's go check out the brotel on the second floor
by Topher Banvegas October 18, 2011
Three or more males living in a rented house, apartment, or trailer. Brotels are often recognized by the copious amounts of empty beer cans which replace the need for books on almost any shelf. Brotels are often known to also have unkempt pools, broken ping-pong or foosball tables, punching bags and/or boxing gloves, Sublime posters, and possibly one of the following dog breeds: Rottweiler, Pit Bull, or Bullmastiff.
I don't mind getting shit-faced and passing out at the brotel every one in a while, but I could never fucking live there.
by Charface1 September 16, 2012
A friend's house where you stay for free when traveling.
No, I'm not staying at the Holiday Inn. I'll be at my man Jason's brotel.
by martivg June 10, 2009
A place for bros to act like bros. No bras allowed, only bros. No bro-haters either...

Several great brotels in Arlington, VA.
by Chillaxin' March 28, 2009
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