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A fart out of the penis. Usually causes major damage to the penis and the brootlesnatcher.
"Dude, that brootlesnatch knocked down that tree, looks like your dick is pretty swollen, too."
by WTF my name is taken September 04, 2006
A fart out of one's penis. Thought of as a highly devastating act to everything near the brootlesnatch itself, and sometimes even the brootlesnatcher.
"Oh my God! Only a brootlesnatch could've done such damage!"
by the_ultimate_coolness September 27, 2006
A fart out of one's penis.

The brootlesnatch's mysterious reputation has led to beliefs that it can be used as an incredibly destructive tool; only by the very rare man that can manage it, and live to tell the tale.
That brootlesnatch burnt his face off!
by a;fogjaw;lgjhal;jkf September 25, 2006