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Embodies the qualities necessary in total bro fulfillment. Optimal and godly level of "bro." A sense of "broyalty."
Oh man, backwards Georgetown hat? Pink nantucket shorts? Natty in hand? That Fratty McBrewster keeps a perfect bromeostasis.
by Dyaln Phillips August 30, 2008
Using the body heat of a bro to regulate one's temperature.
I just can't stay warm by myself in winter, so I have to use bromeostasis.
by SwagCitySuperstar March 06, 2015
1. Being completely at peace with those around you.

2. A state of absolute brohood.
"I was listening to Pink Floyd with Ryan and Jim the other night, and I was in complete bromeostasis."
by cheetofingers96 December 02, 2013
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