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a feeling of great achievement felt when talking with a bro
The pass from Kyrie Irving to Nolan Smith was absolute brolliance.
by Giggling Goosling May 01, 2011
An alliance between men. Impossible to break, and all men involved will answer and respond to a fellow brother's situation.
I need to form a brolliance, I'm surrounded by all these women.
by brolliance July 11, 2010
A portmanteau of bro and brilliance.

An act or actions so laden with machismo, and especially stupidity, that it crosses the douche threshold and doubles back on itself into something awe inspiring.
Man, the way Frank came to work in a Speedo and thrust his pelvis at the Vice President while belting "Now You're a Man" was just... brolliant.

Kanye West's interruption at the VMAs was an act of sheer brolliance.
by Hulk Stavrogin August 16, 2010
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