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Friendly gesture between one brony and another in the form of connecting knuckles together (or hoofs).

Originating from My Little Pony, cult childrens TV cartoon.
Manly Man 1 - "I totally love MLP"

Manly Man 2 - "Yeah me too!! Brohoof!!!"

by sobamade June 27, 2011
n.) A high-five between two males who watch the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, due to any aspect, win, meme, etc. regarding said television show.

n.) A high-five between two ponies from the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, with their hooves, respectively.

v.) To exchange a celebratory high-five either as a pony or because of ponies.
Will: Hey, guess what.
Theo: What?
Will: The new sode of MLP: FiM is good.
Theo: Awesome!
by X_GrandMoff_X May 30, 2011
A phrase/action preformed by "My little pony: friendship is magic" fans. It is the pony equivocalness to a "fist pump" or "bro fist"
Dude, I just got My little pony on dvd!
No way!?!?
*bro hoof*
by Jaxpowers January 19, 2012
The brony equivalent to a brofist. Commonly used by bronies in real life, but is sometimes used on the internet with the emoticon of "/) * (\"
Real life:

Brony 1: Hey man, did you see that new MLP episode? It was focused on Fluttershy.
Brony 2: Yeah man! Fluttershy's my favorite pony!

*The two bronies then do a brohoof"


Brony 1: Yo man, you see the new episode of MLP?
Brony 2: No, gimme a link.
Brony 1: <youtube link>
Brony 2: Thanks man, /)
Brony 1: /) * (\
by Venny_ October 25, 2012
N.) This is Where two or more males have no idea what they are saying.
Bob: that was Awesome
Bill: no that was a bro hoof.
by this is not real January 17, 2012